Time (EST)Tuesday February 8, 2022Wednesday February 9, 2022Thursday February 10, 2022
Kick off and giveaways!
KEYNOTE: Dr. Kerry Magro (KFM Making a Difference) – Listening to the Autistic Voice Shira Karpel & Shayna Gaunt (How to ABA) – Teaching Social Skills to Early and Intermediate Learners (1.0 CEU)Amanda Wilson and Danielle Gonyea (Navigating Behavior Change) – A Risk Vs. Benefit Analysis of Common Classroom Responses to Challenging Behavior (1.0 CEU)
Optional hangout time, fun, trivia, giveaways, networking Optional hangout time, fun, trivia, giveaways, networkingOptional hangout time, fun, trivia, giveaways, networking
Christine Reeve
(How to ABA) The Teaching Implementation Plan (TIP): A Tool for Collaboration and Classroom Organization (1.0 CEU)
Sarah Strazzella (Rogue ABA) – Ethics! (1.0 Ethics CEU)Rose Griffin & Rachel Torrance (Supervision Academy) – Supervision in Action (1.0 Supervision CEU)
9:15pmWrap up and closing remarks

Hosted by: How to ABA, Supervision Academy, and ABA Speech

The ABA Forum was created from a need to bring the community together and learn practical continuing education.  

This is a free event to promote applications of Applied Behavior Analysis.  

Opportunities for CEU’s will be available for purchase for a nominal fee ($12/CEU). Certificates of attendance are absolutely free.  

Vision for the event: Collaboration and dissemination of practical and easy to apply strategies

February 8, 9, 10, 2022 (Tues, Wed, Thurs)

Format: 3 nights (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) each evening 2 (1 hour talks). 7-8, 8:15-9:15 PM EST


Dr. Kerry Magro (KFM Making a Difference)
Dr. Christine Reeve (Autism Classroom Resources)
Danielle Lindquist/Amanda Wilson (Navigating Behavior Change)
Sarah Strazzella (Rogue ABA)
Rose Griffin (ABA Speech)/Rachel Torrance (Supervision Academy)
Shayna Gaunt/Shira Karpel (How to ABA)

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There will be no recordings of this event, so plan to join us live on February 8, 9, 10, 2022.