Quiz for CEU #1: Megan Miller

Compassionately Addressing Challenging Behaviour

Dr. Megan Miller

Behavior analysts are well trained on how to assess the function of challenging behavior. However, this can sometimes occur at such a high level of objectivity and adherence to protocols that the safety and well-being of the learner is not maintained. Additionally, over focusing on function can result in missing key aspects of a comprehensive treatment plan for supporting a learner in their natural environment. This training focuses on going beyond the typical training provided on functions of behavior and behavioral assessment to provide attendees with a more comprehensive understanding of how to ethically and compassionately navigate challenging behavior. Through a series of experiential activities and case examples, Dr. Miller provides a deeper dive into considerations relating to ethical and flexible application of procedures to address challenging behavior

Participants will be able to:

    1. Describe the primary purpose of functional assessment
    2. Explain at least 1 ethical consideration regarding extinction
    3. Describe the importance of maintaining analysis in developing behavior intervention plans
    4. Describe at least 1 general guideline to follow when addressing challenging behavior
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