Quiz for CEU #2: How to ABA

Effective Data Collection Procedures: Putting Theory into Practice

Data collection is an important part of making treatment decisions.  When setting up a data collection system, it’s important to choose the right one that will be manageable, effective, and will show the measures that you intend.  If the data aren’t meaningful, then it’s just a waste of time.  How can we make data collection meaningful without it being too cumbersome?  There are so many different styles of data collection – how do we choose the right one for this goal?  How do we analyze the data so that we can make informed decisions and updates?

Learning Objectives:

    1. The participant will identify how to choose between at least 3 different data collection methods.
    2. The participant will demonstrate knowledge of how to take data meaningful for their students.
    3. The participant will demonstrate knowledge of how to not let data collection interfere with good teaching.
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